Roma-hating Hungarians

Gyöngyöspáta – Hungarians love weird place nanes. They do not love their Roma neighbours, however. `Gypsies are lazy and only want to rely on their social welfare`, Milena Ludanyi told me last week, a pretty woman from the village 80 kilometres east of Budapest. She went even further: `It`s not only the Gypsies who are destryoing our country. The Green Party and the Jews are reposible as well.`


She really said it: the Gypsies, the Greens and the Jews are reponsible for all misery in Hungary. Brainwashed? Seen too many Hollywood movies? No, this is nowadays Hungary, and it seems to become even worse. In the countryside, hatred against the Roma has become the norm.


`Roma should start working and earning their own money`, is the common opinion of many Hungarians. If you ask them, whether they would employ a Roma, the Hungarian answer is: `No, of course not!`


Solving the `Roma issue` will take a lot of time, money and dedication. All of this is lacking in Hungary. Not a good sign for the next years.....

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