Chernobyl, 25 years later

Me at the entrance of Chernobyl
Me at the entrance of Chernobyl

By now we all know it: 25 years ago, a nuclear disaster happened in Chernobyl, Ukraine. Many people thought such a disaster could never take place in a ´highly developed´ capitalist country such as Japan, which is the reason that many people were shocked by the nuclear disaster in Fukushima.


Still, Fukushima is already disappearing from the news headlines.  For pro-nuclear lobbyists, this is the perfect moment to come out of the shade and re-start their lobbying work for nuclerar energy again. A change towards green energy will cost billions and billions, is their message. So far, nobody can really calculate those costs, since politicians did not decide on any major changes yet.


The country the farthest ahead in changing its energy policy is Germany. In a remarkable move, the liberal-conservative government in this country stated that it wants to abandon nuclear energy completely. Eight old nuclear power plants have already been switched off since Fukushima. Before, energy producers were warning that this would be impossible, since it would cause energy shortages in Germany. Well, the lights are still burning.


Still, the lobbyists are re-emerging, such as the Ukrainian energy Minister, who had the nerve to lobby for nuclear energy during the past days while he his country was hosting an international conference focused on raising money for a new sarcphague for the exploded Chernobyl reactor.


Let`s hope German policy will become the European standard and not the Ukrainian policy. Otherwise we should be preparing for another nuclear disaster in the future. Nobody is perfect.    


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